1. Crockery

    A selection of the best materials and the most prestigious brands of Bone Chine, Fine China, porcelain, vitrified porcelain, etc…

  2. Glassware and Drinkware

    We offer a wide range of glasses, decanters, jars, etc. A combination of durability, fiability and elegance…

  3. Cutlery

    We have a wide variety of designs of different kind of cutlery, starting from classical and elegant to new models more creative and innovative.

  1. Kitchen

    From the most essential elements to the most useful utensils that makes the everyday life easier for the professional….

  2. Knifeware

    We count on the best brands and excellent finishes to guaranty the best cut and precision in the market to all our customers….

  3. Storage

    We have a broad range of products for preservation and keeping of food and conservation of utensils in the best conditions….

  1. Coffe and Tableware

    We can offer a complete service and presentation, together with the last trends in cocktail….

  2. Buffet and Catering

    We advise and guide our customers towards the acquisition of appropriate complements and new features that provide optimum performance…

  3. Machinery

    We work with the leading manufacturers in HORECA sector, we obtain a greater diversity of products for our customers kitchens

  1. Furniture

    We are able to supply any kind of outdoor or indoor furnishings. From classical and elegant furniture to the latest creations…

  2. Textile and Clothing

    We offer a large assortment of linen and clothing of personnel. Simple yet elegant or more fashion models….

  3. Hygiene and cleanliness

    We have our own brand of chemical products named Hoteralia that complies with valid regulations…

  1. Single-use (Disposable)

    Cellulose, polypropylene cups, plates and cutlery, paper bags, aluminium trays, etc and all kind of disposable products..